Anadrac Services is new to Rio Rancho and is a veteran owned business.

We offer many different services

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For these services, call on Joe
For these services, call on Tami
20+ years of experience   30+ Years of professional experience
Microsoft Windows Computers Plenty of references
Virus Removal - Drive and Registry Cleanup I use your cleaning products.
Desktop & Background Services Organization
Home Networking - Scanning/Imaging
Operations Training - Tips & Tricks
If you desire, products will be provided
for an additional fee

I take your photos and favorite music to make...
Standard or Custom Slideshows/Music Videos
Birthdays - Celebration of Life - Graduations
Memorials - Weddings - Special Events

Grooming, dietary research, medicinal administration, exercise and therapy
Experienced in providing education to pet owners regarding all areas of pet care
Available to provide extended care and training
Qualified Instructor for Fitness & Nutrition
Extensive knowledge of home based equipment
Dietary education and menu planning
Knowledgeable of medical complications in relation to diet and exercise
Experienced in reparative/replacement surgical physical therapy

(505) 369-0436

Standard Service Rates

Since we're new to the area, we can only accept cash or check at this time!

On-site $40/hr Basic cleaning $15/hr
In-shop $30/hr      Includes linen laundry  
PC Pickup & Return $25      Schedule covers weekly, bi-weekly or
     every 4 weeks (not monthly)
Outside Business hours (9-5/M-F) $50/hr Spring, Fall & Holiday Deep Cleaning $25/hr
Holidays & Sundays* $60/hr Personal Laundry $5/load
Mileage if > 30 minutes of travel one way $10 for both Ground level window washing $15/hr
* Saturdays are mandatory days off      
In office consultation and demonstration No charge Bathing - small pet $5
Slideshow w/ 1 Song $50 Bathing - large pet $10
Music Video w/1 Song $100 Dietary Research $15/pet
    Medication Administration $5/visit
Basic DVD Production
Default Menu and Black/White Labels
$20 Exercise & Therapy Training
Custom DVD Production
Custom Menu and Labels
$50 In-home consultation
Fitness Instruction w/equipment
Additional DVDs $10 each Dietary education & Menu planning $15/hr
    Specialized services due to medical $30/hr
ADVANCED VIDEO PRODUCTION Please call complications or surgery  
Advanced video production pertains to...
    ●  Digitizing your photos
    ●  Matching photos to music
    ●  Photo/Music Synchronization
    ●  Special effects
    ●  Opening/Closing Credits
We can discuss your needs in our office for free    

(505) 369-0436

Privacy Policy

It is Anadrac Services' policy to keep your information confidential.

 Joe's services...

  • We will NEVER discuss with other people, what kinds of computers you have or how many.
  • We will NEVER disclose any passwords provided to perform our duties.
  • We will NEVER use any passwords outside of our duties.
  • We will NEVER discuss your internet browsing behavior.
Tami's services...
  • Anything else not covered above will NEVER be discussed either.

Anadrac Services' policy is to earn and build your trust.
And we can't do that while gossiping about our clients, now can we?

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Our Standards of Business
We will always tell you the truth.
If we don't know something, we'll tell you.
We will do our best to solve your problem.
We will only do things we know how to do.
We will only do the work you have approved.
You will be treated they way we want to be treated
All recommendations will be based on what's best for you.
If we don't know the answer to a question, we'll look it up.
We strive to be accurate with Time Estimates and Material Requirements.
If we are working in the office for you, we will keep you updated on our progress.

(505) 369-0436

 Customer Reviews

"I have been acquainted with Joe Cardana for about 4 years. He was the one who kept my computer working in good order. I could call him by phone and ask a question about where I had a problem. He was always quick to answer me. If I had further problems he would come as soon as possible and work me through the situation. I would highly recommend him for anything to do with computers." Lorice Halseth - Jackson, CA
NOTE: This sweet lady turned 90 last year.
  I have known Tami for many years. She cleaned house for my mother back in the 80’s and 90’s. Joe and Tami rented a home from us most recently and were great renters. Joe was most helpful to me with my computer needs. I highly recommend both Tami and Joe with their individual talents. Judie C. from California
“Joe Cardana has taken care of all my computer needs for several years. In addition to transferring all data from an old computers to an new ones and teaching me new operating systems, he has defeated serious viruses and kept all my systems up and operating at max speed. He has also made very professional copies of my family movies on discs. I have used Websites he has developed and seen News Letters that he has produced. Would recommend him for any task dealing with the Cyber World."
 Paul A. California.

More to come

Anadrac Services
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